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My Jewelry Line

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For the last three years, I have been teaching classes at A Better Bead & Crafts in Brevard.  My teddy bears  are for sale there and I teach classes in teddy bear making.  I also teach jewelry making at the shop.  In addition, I design and make one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces that are sold in the shop and on the shop's web site.  I have decided to add my jewelry designs to my web site. 

I work mostly with natural, precious and semi-precious stones, pearls, Czech glass and seed beads.  I will do custom pieces upon request but choose not to mass produce my designs so if you see something you like, be aware that once it is gone, it won't be repeated.  Here are some samples of my more recent work.  To see a more of my currently available pieces, click here.

My Latest Effort. . .

. . .My Jewelry Designs

Herringbone Spiral with Vintage Seed Beads & Swarovski Crystals

Coin Pearls with Gold Filigree Balls and Gold Chain
Venetian Heart Focal Bead Lariats

All three of these lariats feature a heart shaped focal bead from Luigi Cattelan of Murano, Italy.  The necklace strands are an eclectic mix of fresh water pearls, Czech glass beads, Swarovski crystals and seed beads.  All three are clasp free, strung on Accuflex secured with sterling silver crimp beads deliberately oxidized to blend in with the antique feel of the pieces.  The top two are $75 each.  The blue one below is $55.  To see more detail of these pieces, click here

New Free Form Peyote Pieces

FreeForm & Tubular Peyote Necklace

Detail Pictures of FreeForm & Tubular Peyote Pieces

Telescoping Lariat


Chiffon Orange Lime & Gold

Dinosaur Bone Focal Bead


Browns, Gold & Red

FreeForm Peyote Necklace in Lime Greens and Bright Orange

Antique orange chiffon seed beads married with lime green fresh water pearls, delicas and Czech glass in a variety of sizes and shapes make an eclectic mix with wonderful contrast in this asymmetrical necklace.

This is a Karen Lewis polymer clay bead set in free form peyote.  The back has a bead tube that allows this focal piece to be worn on a chain or be a pin.  The peyote pattern is worked with Japanese delicas, 11/0 and seed beads, 15/0.

This asymmetrical, free form peyote lariat has a front closure using a faceted Czech glass bead through a button hole worked in the pattern.  The peyote is worked in a mix of opaque Czech glass seed beads and Japanese delicas and matsunos.  It is accented with a mix of Czech glass seed beads.

Swarovski & Sterling Earrings - $35


Amethyst & Pearl Caterpillar Bracelet - $65

Chip Cuffs - any of the three, $35 each

Lariat w Luigi Cattelan's Lime Green Chevron

Mother-of-Pearl and Venetian Chevron Lariat

This impressive piece was a marriage of of mother-of-pearl, Swarovski crystals, lime green cat's eye and seed beads as a foil for one of Luigi Cattelan's chevrons.  The chevron is an inch and a half long, the necklace is 25" long and the tassel ends of the lariat add an additional three and a half inches of length.

Necklace and Earring Set $250

Double Drilled Jasper Tile Double Drilled Jasper Tile

Double Drilled Jasper Tile

The double drilled jasper tile is the focus of this 18" necklace with its mix of natural stones, Czech glass and Swarovski crystals.


Garnet Lariat Set

Garnet Lariat Set

This set is a a breath-taking mix of garnets in seven different shapes and sizes, garnet colored fresh water pearls, black onyx, with just the tiniest touch of seed beads and Czech glass to be sure you can't miss the garnets.   Tip to tip, the lariat is 36 inches long.

Earrings $35

Lariat $250

Black Onyx and Mother-of-Pearl

Black Onyx with
Faceted Double Drilled
-of-Pearl Tiles

Black Onyx and Mother-of-Pearl detail

I mixed faceted black onyx beads,  faceted double drilled mother-of-pearl tiles and potato shaped freshwater pearls.  The finished necklace is 18 inches long with a sterling silver clasp.


Wood Jasper Necklace Wood Jasper Necklace
Wood Jasper Necklace w Czech Glass

20" - $45

Ruby Necklace w Earrings on Gold

Ruby Necklace and Earring Set

 16" - $45

Shatatukite Necklace/Earring Set

Shatatukite Necklace/Bracelet/Earring Set

The shatatukite necklace, bracelet and earrings are accented with Czech glass and seed beads.  The links in the bracelet and the earrings are on sterling silver wire.  The necklace has a sterling silver clasp and is 16" long.

Set $65

Silver Leaf Jasper w Labradorite, Pearls and Black Onyx Silver Leaf Jasper w Labradorite, Pearls & Black Onyx

Silverleaf Jasper w Black Onyx, Labradorite & Pearls

18" - $45

Faceted Top Drilled Pearls w Jasper Tile

Faceted Top Drilled Pearls w Jasper Tile Focal Bead

20" - $55

Pearls and Swarovski Crystals

Pearl and Swarovski Crystal Detail

Fresh Water Pearls and Swarovski Crystals

16" - Set is $65